Monday, January 23, 2017

Two Miracles

Dear Family!

This week our district had a couple of miracles. Even though they didn't exactly happen in my area, I was grateful for the opportunity to participate in them.

There's a young woman that was baptized a couple months ago that has a really strong testimony and has been trying hard in these months to help her aunt, uncle, and cousins come to church and get baptized. Her cousin has come to church for about 3 months but wasn't able to be baptized because his parents didn't want to yet. Recently, Elder Anderson shared with the mission presidents in the world some information regarding how young converts have maintained faithful over a long period of time and been key for the conversion of their families. Our mission president approved this cousin that is a young man to be baptized and it was a really great experience to participate in this saving ordinance.

When I was in Paramonga, in my first week there (April 2016) I contacted a man that I passed the reference to the other elders in Paramonga and the family got baptized. One of their nieces was staying with them at the time and received the lessons and attended church various times but wasn't baptized because she didn't live there. Well last week I bumped into her going to church Sunday morning, and she said she was back in her apartment in Ancón. I passed the reference to the elders there but they couldn't find her. She came to church by herself yesterday and the elders were able to teach her and she has a baptismal goal for February.

I know that the work is in the Lord's hands, and we can be His tools if we maintain ourselves worthy, diligent, and if we seek and follow His divine guidance.


Elder Evan Smith

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