Monday, January 30, 2017

Elder Cook visits Lima

Hello family,

This week Elder Cook visited the Lima West and Lima North mission in the institute center in Lima. First off, wow is the institute center really beautiful. Anyways, Elder Cook focused on a few core ideas, that when we teach the Restoration, we need to put special attention on testifying about Joseph Smith and the First Vision. I felt the Spirit confirm that this is important; we may be able to teach really well many things and say a lot of words, but really the most powerful thing may be our testimony, what comes from our hearts, and the Spirit will testify to the people we teach that this is true.

Another really important point Elder Cook shared was that it is so important that we know that the Apostles DO receive revelation when it is needed, and the revelation they receive really comes from the Lord. He bore a very special and direct testimony that really got to my heart. I know that the Apostles are special witnesses of the Lord Jesus Christ and that it is SO important that we follow them.

In the Worldwide Missionary Broadcast, they talked about a lot of really important things apart from the schedule changes. One of the highlights I really liked was that Elder Bednar shared that the Doctrine of Christ aren't different, separate steps, but that they are interconnected, and that we should understand and teach them in this way.

I love you guys so much! I testify that the Lord knows us, and knows what's best for us. He always is there for us, in good times and bad times. I know that when we strive to be steadfast in the good and bad times that the Lord will bless us a lot.

Have an awesome week!!!

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