Monday, January 9, 2017

An Unexpected Miracle

Elder Crosby and I

So this week we had a cool spiritual experience.

It was Thursday afternoon and it had been a pretty slow week. A lot of our appointments were falling through. We didn't have any minutes on our cell phone so we started looking for a payphone nearby. It was weird because the 2 nearby spots that always have a payphone had been taken out. So we started for the plaza. I started to contact someone but they didn't want to hear from us. All of a sudden, like a group of 10 people leave a nearby house and start coming our way to get a taxi. I started talking with a young man from the group of people and I asked him his name, and he said to me, in perfect english, "Dude do you want to speak in English, I'm from Preston, Idaho." I was blown away. This never happens!

After talking for a little while he introduced me to his mom. I asked them if they had seen missionaries before, and she said "of course! We're members! My son is serving a mission in Mexico." She introduced us to their family members that were getting into the taxi, who live in, guess where, Mi PerĂº! My first area! She said the majority of her family are members, except her sister's family that lives here in my current area. She led us to their house and we taught the whole family together. It was awesome.

I know that the Lord lives and nothing is impossible for Him. Even when it may seem like there isn't anything more to do, He is preparing someone that will listen to us. We just need to listen to the Spirit and act.

I love you all a ton! Have a great week

Elder Evan Smith

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