Monday, March 20, 2017

Floods and mudslides

Well this week has been crazy.

For the last week in Perú there have been "huaicos", basically flash floods and mudslides, in the mountainous parts. Northern Peru is really bad, but east of Lima has also gotten a lot of rain and has sent all the muddy water through the rivers all the way to Lima, on top of unusual rain here in Lima also. Where I'm at, everything is fine! There are no rivers close by. However, this brings an ironic problem. One might think that more rain means more water for us, but that is not correct! While there is more rain, more mud enters the rivers that the water company processes, and while the river is full of mud, they can't process hardly anything. In short, Lima doesn't have much water. Thank goodness the Church teaches us to prepare! The missionaries are all fine, and we all have sufficient water and food, but there is a different feeling on the streets. Everyone is walking around with their buckets in hand, looking for water. The parks are giving out free water instead of using it to water the plants, so that helps a lot of the people. The mission has proportioned us enough mineral water to last us until the millenium so don't worry.

The investigators we are teaching are doing well, the only hard part of the work is finding new investigators in all this movement. There is one family we found that is awesome. We were inviting people to come to our English class, and one of the family members we contacted really wanted to come, and we came back to teach the family, and it's a family of 6! 3 of them came to church on Sunday too which was really cool. We haven't taught them yet because they haven't been at home all together yet, but we're going to keep up with them.

Hope you guys have a great week!!

Elder Evan Smith

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