Monday, July 18, 2016

Teaching with a member

This week we have been teaching the Familia Huertas, and focusing more with them to help them keep the Sabbath day holy. They always work on Sundays to have enough money to provide for their family, but we had brought our converso reciente with us to this lesson and he testified of the truth that our Padre Celestial really does bless us when we obey his commandments. He is a mototaxista and said that he works hard during the week to earn money and has enough to eat and help provide for his family too. He doesn't take out the taxi on Sundays but his friends sometimes call him a fool and other names and say how they've made double because of all the people there are on Sundays. Even though it was hard to hear that, Hno. Guerrero said that he has never lacked food to eat. It was such a perfect teaching moment when having a member's testimony really brought home the lesson and the investigators could feel it.

I hope you guys have the opportunities to go out with the missionaries often. I personally testify of the miracles and effects that a testimony from someone with more life experience than a 18 year old missionary has.

I love you all. Let me know if you have any questions or something you want me to share with you.

Elder Evan Smith

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