Monday, July 25, 2016

New investigators, a week full of miracles

My new fuzzy hat

Well this week was awesome. We found a lot of new investigators to teach. Wednesday in the evening, we were doing one of our finding ways, singing hymns to families. In particular, we knocked on one door and sung to a family "Families Can Be Together Forever". They let us in to teach them a little more and we taught the Restoration and they accepted a baptismal date for 20 Agosto! They have 3 Aaronic Priesthood age boys, so this could be a huge help to our quorums.

The other Elders in our barrio had a baptism on Saturday, and we invited one of our conversos to bring her family and they were really interested and we got to go visit them on Sunday and they too are interested in the gospel and how to help their family.

In short, it was a week full of miracles and tender mercies for us.

On the subject of food, I did eat a super great lunch today. If you guys feel in the mood for some popular Peruano food, look up papa a la huancaina con arroz con pollo. Also, something to try for dad, my companion, who is from northern Peru, and apparantly the crazy side, has suggested that I try my spagetti with banana. It really isnt so bad. He also had me try chaufa (fried rice) with banana and also not so bad. Sounds like a dish for dad.

I love you all a bunch. Sounds like a fun High Adventure (Dad & Marty) and I cant wait to hear about trek (Catherine & Carson)!

Elder Evan Smith

Investigator's superman puppy

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