Monday, June 6, 2016

New Companion, Guinea Pig for Lunch!

A street here in Paramonga

This week has been great! I have a new companion, Elder Estrada, that is from Piura, Perú. He is really funny and a really hard worker. There have been quite a few cambios this last week, mostly so that the leaders aren't all about to end their mission when our new mission president comes.

Yesterday was the big voting day, well it was segunda vuelta, because the vote in April was really close. So there was a ton of people in the streets and it was great for contacting families!

We have an investigator that's a lawyer, Carlos, and he's the best. He likes to read and just from reading the introduction has a bunch of really good questions about Joseph Smith. When we helped him understand the Restoration, he was so amazed that he was a prophet of God and did so many miracles. He said he wants to go to the municipio and change his name to José Smith!

This week I was studying from 2 Nephi 30 y 31 and I really liked how Nefi starts out by saying that he speaks plainly, and that his soul delights in the plainness of the doctrine of Christ. This reconfirmed to me that our unique message of the Restoration really is simple and true, and that the Spirit is who carries it to the hearts of the people.

On the lighter side, if you leave your guinea pig out, I may get to it first. We had guinea pig for lunch yesterday. It's a little more rubbery than chicken, but tasty all the same.

What's this, you say?


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