Monday, February 27, 2017

More investigators

Free car wash service at our meetinghouse parking lot...
Even the bread man came!

This week also flew by way too fast. I don't get what's happening 😮

Anyways, this week we started teaching english classes, and wow did it turn out well. We were inviting all the people we saw and even though it didn't get announced during sacrament meeting last sunday, we had 7 people come, 3 of which were investigators, and 2 of those investigators were new, like we'd never taught them before teaching this class! We had a lot of fun. It was the best english class I've ever done (I did like 3 in Paramonga last July).

One of the investigators that came to that class we taught on Saturday with her mom and they accepted a baptismal date in march and came to church yesterday!!!

On another note we had another service activity on companion and I organized a free car wash that we combined with a tour in the church while waiting for your car to be washed and it turned out awesome. We got together with the other wards that meet in the same church building and put a sign out on the highway. Lots of references!! Even the bread man brought his moto-delivery-truck to get washed! haha 😎

It was a pretty crazy experience getting everything pulled together, and we had a lot of setbacks, but to put a long story short the Lord pulled through (like always) and we washed a lot of cars and got a lot of references, 2 of which are families in our area!! I testify to you guys that when we plan with the Lord to do His work and we follow His Spirit, He will bless us immensely.

I love you all a million. Have a great week.

Elder Evan Smith

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