Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas in Mi Perú, First Baptism Date

Elder Smith celebrates Christmas in Mi Perú

We had a great Christmas here. We don't get to eat with members here at all, except for Christmas day, so we ate with a member that's a professional chef and made us lasagna! It was really really good.

On Christmas, we ventured beyond where we usually go, and met with this member family that literally lives at the edge of the branch boundaries, the limits of our area too. The missionaries found them about 2 years ago and they are so strongly converted to the gospel. The whole family. It was so nice talking with them and hearing about their lives. Every Sunday they cross over this huge hill to come to church. This experience really reignited my purpose as a missionary here. I would be so happy to convert and baptize a family that accepts the gospel in their lives like this one. And I know that there's a family out there waiting for me.

We have a baptism scheduled for this Saturday! This is a pretty big deal for a few reasons. For me because it's my first baptism, and my companion and I taught her the first lesson and I asked her to be baptized. For my companion, this will be his first baptism here in Mi Perú. And as a branch, it's the first baptism since August, which is kind of a long time for this area, so we're all very excited. And it's the first Saturday in the year, so it's a great start for Virginia, our investigator.

This week I've been studying about Christlike attributes, especially charity. I really liked reading in Moroni 7 about how really, charity is having an absolute love for everyone, the pure love of Christ. If we have this immense love, serving them comes naturally.

I love all of you so much! I know I'm in the right place and that the Lord will protect me, so don't worry about me! I have an ever-increasing testimony of Jesus Christ and His Atonement. The scriptures are such a powerful tool for us, and especially the Book of Mormon because it's written specifically for us. Thanks for all your support. Love you.

Elder Smith on a hill overlooking Mi Perú

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